INCREASE VISIBILITY! THEN Do you want to enhance your brand and increase the number of your customers? SERVICES FOR FAIRS AND EVENTS Creating products is great, but building relationships is even better.
(Seth Godin)
SOCIAL MEDIA AND CONTENTS Marketing is no longer based on the things you do,
but about the stories you tell.
(Seth Godin)


To stand out you must attract attention, intrigue and excite, giving original and unforgettable experiences.

Whether you are presenting your products at fair or you are publishing content on your social page, the aim must always be the same: amaze.

Akamai will give you the right tools and ideas to get you noticed, then your company and your products will convince (and win).


Fairs all over the world


Promotion projects


Satisfied customers


Hostess / Steward


Cups of coffee


Akamai was born in 2008 from the passion for events and communication.

We have always provided services for events, in particular for trade fairs : from hospitality management to linguistic support (thanks also to our hostesses, models and interpreters), from catering to the creation of information material and promotional, from video and photo service to hotel reservations.

In recent years we have also specialized in the management of social media :we create content of value and unique in symbiosis with the client company and spread them on the web using platforms in particular Facebook, Instagram and Google.

We are active throughout Italy, Europe and the United Arab Emirates.


The first impression is the one that matters, the one that makes you decide whether to stop or continue.

A good host is hospitable and courteous and makes you want to come in and sit down.
We manage and organize the welcome corner of your stand thanks also to the support of professional and competent hostesses who will provide the first information, tell the products and the company, collect visitor data and entertain them , perhaps with a coffee, before referring them to the sales staff.

Internationality is peculiar to the business linked to fairs.

We manage and organize the presence of foreign visitors in your stand, also relying on trained and expert interpreters who can illustrate, respond, deal and negotiate in different languages.

To ensure a perfect experience, we work alongside hostesses, models and interpreters, professional figures suitable for welcoming and assisting visitors during the event as well as professionally managing the dedicated corners within the stand. We guarantee experience, friendliness, courtesy and professionalism.

We study your menu ad hoc and deliver the finished products and any equipment directly to the stand on a daily basis.

Whether it is coffee breaks, small buffets, aperitifs or lunches (with or without service staff) we will be able to make this moment spectacular.

We create catalogs, brochures and branded material and deliver directly to the stand.

An original gadget is a gift that is always welcome to the visitor that will make him remember the experience over time, increasing his familiarity with the brand, improving its reputation and notoriety.

We create valuable video material and photos.

Essential content for your social networks and the web. Disseminating professional material that is well suited to the various communication channels is the prerogative of a company in step with the times!


Companies are often focused on producing and selling their products while neglecting communication.

Akamai fits in between the company and the potential customer, filling that space with content and experiences in order to promptly push and materialize the meeting between the two parties.

To communicate we have decided to focus on social media and in particular on Facebook and Instagram. The reason is very simple: 2.85 billion monthly active users for the first, 1 billion for the second.

Each client has different objectives and needs and we define the strategic plan in close synergy with each of them.

After the setup of the existing page (or creation from scratch) we focus the target audience and create effective and engaging ad hoc content , be it texts, videos or photos, we adapt and make them unique.
For us, company storytelling is very important, we like to tell about places and people, making excite our interlocutor and remaining etched in his mind.
We follow a well-defined editorial plan for the publication of the contents, we sponsor and control them to optimize their performance and achieve the objectives.

A periodic and detailed report will show you the results obtained.

Content is the heart of social communication.In general, users use the contents quickly and superficially, therefore it is essential to produce quality material that is captivating and immediate.

Ideas and concepts are transformed into texts, photos, audio, video or graphics which are studied and adapted to Facebook and / or Instagram and to the target audience.

We spread, through a constant flow of content, the image and message of the company, generating leads and increasing brand awareness. We work on existing company material or create new ones.

We guarantee coherent, dynamic and impactful content!

When you have valuable content, you cannot limit yourself to organic coverage but it is important to invest small budgets on advertising campaigns studied, targeted and well-defined that are able to convey our message to the right audience.

To increase brand awareness on social media, push interactions and convert them into purchases, it is particularly effective to rely on social influencers..

The social influencer is a character able to influence the behavior and choices of the public thanks to his ability to involve and persuade. The influencer who believes in you and your products and who chooses to tell you about your followers can be the best interlocutor.

To select the most suitable influencer, we analyze the customer’s market category (fashion, & beverage, tech, beauty, sport, lifestyle, design) and after having focused his target we go to meet him with the audience of our influencers.

Once we have identified the perfect influencer (and audience), let’s go and study the most suitable communication strategy together.



Akamai Comunicazione
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Barbara SetaioliBarbara Setaioli
08:19 01 Mar 22
Agenzia affidabile, professionale e con personale qualificato. Consiglio vivamente.
Per noi quest'agenzia è ormai un must, ci affidiamo regolarmente a loro perché sappiamo sempre di trovare grande professionalità, cortesia e serietà sia da parte di Irene che di tutto il suo staff. Antonella
Federtec socialFedertec social
16:52 24 Feb 22
Irene ci ha sempre presentato delle bravissime hostess, collaborative e gentili. Brava
Antonella NasoAntonella Naso
10:39 24 Feb 22
Ottima esperienza, professionalità e cortesia nel soddisfare ogni piccola necessità
Mattia FiordelmondoMattia Fiordelmondo
10:17 24 Feb 22
Sempre gentili e professionali, ci collaboriamo già da un diverso tempo.


Akamai Comunicazione
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